Lunch Menu

Simon’s Club Sandwich: Chicken, bacon, onion jam, egg and cheese served with salad and chips. 10.50
Gazda Steak Sandwich: Succulent steak, egg, cheese, bacon and salad served with chips. 14.00
Slovakian Chicken Wrap: Marinated sautéed chicken with mint yoghurt dressing, beetroot and salad. 10.50
with chips 13.50
Fish and Chips: Ocean fresh whiting served with chips. 10.00
Fish Burger: Exotic fish pattie served with a fresh crisp salad. 14.00
Lamb Wrap: Tender, marinated lamb wrapped in pita bread, served with tahina, labna and a fresh garden salad. 16.00
Vegetable Samosa: Vegetable samosa and spinach and onion pakora served with raita sauce. 12.00
Chef’s Special Pasta of the Day: With your choice of beef, chicken or vegetables. 12.50
Lunch Curry Special: Curry of the day served with fluffy rice, poppadums, pickles and fresh salad. 16.00
Roast of the Day 13.50
Fresh Garden Salad 9.00
Mediterranean Salad: Feta cheese and kalamata olives dressed with balsamic vinegar 10.00
Continental Seafood Salad: A medley of seafood served with a fresh garden salad dressed with our own seafood sauce. Very refreshing. 14.00
Caesar Salad 11.00
Add to any salad: Chicken 4.00, Prawns 5.00, Calamari 4.00.
Char Grilled Steak
Rump 300 gram: Grain fed Hereford from the central Queensland highlands, fattened on the Darling Downs. 28.00
Scotch Fillet 300 gram: Grain fed 18 to 24 months old Angus from the southern Darling Downs. 28.00
Porter House 300 gram: Murray Gray fattened on the rich pastures of the Warwick area. 28.00
Rib Eye Steak on the Bone 400 gram – Our Speciality: Rib on the bone from grain fed 18 to 24 months old Angus from the southern Darling Downs. 34.00
Filet Mignon 400 gram: Tender eye fillet wrapped in Italian bacon, served on a bed of mushroom risotto, with a delicate mushroom sauce. 34.00
Reef & Beef 32.00
Add sides
Garlic prawns 4.00
Onion and mushrooms sautéed in Worcestershire sauce 4.00
All steaks are served with a bread roll as well as chips and salad or Idaho potatoes and vegetables and your choice of mushroom, pepper or garlic sauce or gravy.
Dessert of the Day 7.00
Tea or Coffee 4.00
For the kids
Chicken nuggets 8.00
Ham and pineapple pizza 8.00
Buttered fish 8.00
Mini steak 8.00
All come with either chips or vegetables and are served in the child minding area with free ice cream.
Please note that a 20% surcharge will apply on public holidays

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